"In today’s visual market, it’s hard to find a unique voice when there are so many voices overwhelming the minds eye. The competition is blinding. Therefore my personal journey has been driven by the quest of defining a new direction for painting, and ultimately the visual story behind it."












Peter G.Dyett was born in Buffalo, New York on January 30th, on a grey and overcast day. He started drawing at an early age, and in high school he began to capture his environment with pencil and pen. He graduated from the Park School of Buffalo in 1970. After a short stint at Rocky Mountain College in Montana, Mr. Dyett then began to travel. It wasn’t until 1985 that he made a personal commitment to the pursuit of having a fine art career and to realize his full potential as an artist. He took art courses to further his knowledge of technique including an oil painting class at UB and a lithography class at Buffalo State.

By 1992, Mr. Dyett became involved with local artists at the Tri Main Center in Buffalo, participating in group shows there and at other venues showing at: Hallwalls, Western New York Show at the Albright-Knox, Erie Art Museum.This culminated in private sales, and Mr. Dyett also transitioned to ‘by invitation only’ shows including Park School, Liberty Bank Building and the Hardware Café and Gallery. Mr Dyett had several successful shows and built up a strong and very faithful group of collectors.

The distinctive quality of Mr. Dyett’s work is that there are no boundaries. His passion runs from his deep appreciation for the masters, from realism to minimalist abstraction, allowing him a childlike freedom in his work. His mentors include Van Gogh, Francis Bacon, Du Buffet, Klee, Mondigliani, DeKooning, Basquiat, and Picasso. Mr. Dyett is not a ‘series’ painter. ( his muse is somewhat ADHD. He follows the road less travelled, taking a variety a paths, strengthening his work through constant personal challenge. Currently he has been focusing on realistic ‘still lives’ and landscapes. COLOR is the primary element in all Mr. Dyett’s work. His personal style is defined by the juxtaposition of subject matter and techniques; creating a marvellous environment and an odd mixture of abstraction and realism. His influences include primitivism, which he credits with his search for the truth in visual content.